Meet the Meshnas

I’m Hayli. He’s Kyle.
We’ve just started our lives and our adventures together as Mr. and Mrs. Meshna.

If you’re interested in reading our full story, I published a ten-part Love Series detailing our lives and our relationship up until we said, “I do”. You can read the first installment on Medium.

The only reason I’m not retelling the story of our journey to husband and wife is that there are so many stories that have yet to be told. Like my time living in Sumatra and studying Orangutans in the wild. Or our first official date in Bali and how we fell in love with a hamburger in the Gilis. Or when Santorini stole both of our hearts on an epic hike from Imerovigli to Oia. We want to share them ALL. And we plan to.

Here’s what you can expect from us, this blog, our portfolio, and our travels around the world:

Absolute transparency in our lives.
As a photographer, as a writer, as fellow travelers, and as a team. Yes, we want to jazz you with stunning images, but we also want to talk openly about the hardships and not-so-jazzy moments. We choose to be vulnerable in the hopes of connecting with like-minded creatives and we’re going to continue to embody that trait through this website.

Useful information on travel.
Whether it’s how to be an ethical traveler or how to prevent missing every single train you’ve ever bought tickets for (an actual thing we’ve done), we’re going to cover it all. Airlines. Sleeping in airports. Missed connections. Wrong trains. Getting lost. Being found. Language hiccups. Cultural oddities. Cultural immersion. Everything culture, actually.

Stunning images.
I gave Kyle a camera as a gift a little over a year ago. Let me please say, the student has quickly surpassed the teacher! This man is a better photographer than I ever hoped I would be. My job is to stand really still in super pretty places and try to not let my face ruin the photo.

Stories of our adventures as husband and wife.
He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m not very quiet about it. If I can inspire one person with our story to not to give up on finding true love… then well… it is completely worth it.

Keeping the line of communication open.
Have a question on how the heck we got that $300 round trip ticket to Europe? Passing through Dublin and want to say hello? PLEASE reach out! We are always open to collaboration and meet-ups of every kind! Contact us here and let’s get the friendship ball rolling.

We have so many visions for this collaboration, I couldn’t possibly list them all! We know we want a place where we can collect all of these stunning experiences to share with the people back home and in our lives. Since we won’t be having kids (sorry Mom), consider Til Death Do We Travel to be our newborn. With alot of love and guidance, we hope it grows into a well-rounded and balanced project that inspires a community of fellow travelers and creatives.

We’re excited to have you along for the ride.

All our love,
Hayli Nicole and Kyle James


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